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Kari Hale

Kari received her B.S. degree in English from University of Houston and continued on to receive her Masters Degree in Liberal Arts. She always wanted to be a College Professor but never dreamed Pilates is where her passion would ensue. Kari is trained through PAI on all apparatuses, MAT, RedCord and Anatomy. She has been teaching since 2012 and realized quickly that Pilates fills a void between the mental and physical aspect of exercise. She found that challenging her clients and them realizing their potential, on top of the physical changes created by Pilates produced an environment for success. Kari finds her passion in athletic based pilates and rehabilitation. She loves to see her clients thrive through consistency. Kari is married with 2 children and lives in The Woodlands, TX. She loves to travel with her family and spends her time doing anything creative.


Kristi LeBlanc

Kristi moved to The Woodlands in March of 2012 from Allen, TX but is originally from Zachary, LA just outside Baton Rouge...GEAUX tigers!! She began Pilates over 10 years ago after a friend recommended it for some lower back and hip pain she was experiencing after carrying her kids, twin boys and a sassy little girl. She fell in love instantly and began thinking about becoming an instructor. The dream became a reality when she moved to Allen and found The Designed Body Pilates Studio, which is a STOTT Pilates certification center. Kristi has done all her education courses under Gidget Anthony at The Designed Body and is trained on all apparatuses. She has been an instructor for five years and loves how the stretching, strengthening, balance and control of Pilates can help every body type. It brings her great joy to hear  her clients say how much better they feel since doing Pilates. Of course, her deepest pride comes from raising her three beautiful children with her husband of almost 20 years.


Linda Batton

Linda was introduced to Pilates over ten years ago. She was an active runner and tri-athlete looking to prevent injury and increase her core strength & flexibility. After years of taking Pilates, Linda realized her passion and began her own instructor training program. As a Certified Pilates instructor since 2013, she taught both individual and small group classes at The Woodlands Pilates Studio. Linda loves teaching Pilates and feels it offers the best corrective techniques no matter your age, background, or fitness level. She believes regular and consistent exercises help improve quality of life by increasing strength, balance and movement. Linda is excited to be an owner at Restore Pilates of the Woodlands and feels it is the best way to come get healthy and strong in a fun, supportive, caring environment.


Monica Welch

Monica has always had a love for sports and movement. She taught Pre-school Music and Motor classes for 10 years and participated in various workout programs. While seeking answers for her daughter's (a competitive gymnast) back pain 8 years ago, Monica discovered Pilates. She was amazed at the difference that just a few sessions made for her daughter and began taking classes herself. Realizing the benefits of Pilates personally, Monica decided to study with Pilates Academy International. She is certified on all apparatuses, Mat, RedCord and Anatomy & Physiology. Monica began teaching in 2013 and loves working with clients from all walks of life, helping them relieve back pain and improve their overall strength, balance and mobility.